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Reckon / Quickbooks – Invoices posting to bank account – Not correct – How to fix?

Dan emailed  I am using accounts hosted and when I am creating customer invoices it is automatically posting the amount of the customers invoice into the payments section of my bank account.  It has just started doing this tonight and it has done it for the last 4 invoices I created this evening.  I have tried deleting the invoices and re-creating but the same problem keeps re-occurring.  
Solutions – 
Hi Dan,
You need to check the item you are using.
There is a good chance it is pointing directly to your bank account.
Kind regards,
Dan replied - Thanks Sally, you are quite correct, the items concerned were posting to the bank account not to the sales account, due to an error when the items were originally created.  Problem caused by a faulty (over-tired) human interface !!  Regards Dan
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MYOB – Export customer card with price levels

images/Red Question Mark.jpgClient on MYOB Community Forum emailed - Hi there, I have just started using Accounts Right Standard 2014.4 and imported all data from excel . . . successfully.  The support notes list the Customer Item Price Level field in the Cust file specs but, when I export from MYOB, this field is not in the template file. I am in the process of manually adding to 400 customers but, would like to know why this field is not available.

AnswerAs mentioned, …the option to export the item price level field is included in the AccountRight Plus files and higher. It is currently not available for export or import  in AccountRight Standard company files. I've spoken with the support team here, we believe that it should be included in the AccountRight Standard company files. As such have forwarded the fact that the field is missing to the program developers to investigate and correct in a future update.

Currently the workaround would be to import the cards without the item price level field and then manually enter it after the fact. If you are transferring the cards between files you can run the Reports>>Cards>>Card List Detail report to give you the Price Level for a card.

The reasons why it is probably missed is due to the fact that AccountRight Classic, i.e. version 19, price matrix structure was available in AccountRight Premier or higher. So AccountRight Standard version 19 never had that option therefore when the program was updated to AccountRight Live it was decided to add in that feature to AccountRight Standard and Plus. It would seem that the field has never been set to be an exportable field for AccountRight Standard however it was for AccountRight Plus.

Kind Regards, Steven (Moderator)

NoteThere is a great PDF summary of what fields will/won’t export form the different Standard, Plus etc versions – see further down the post in this topic, by Tazinx/Tony Lane, Click to get it! – link covers version 2014.4 Premier, Plus, Standard and Basic versions compared – will generally apply to more recent versions – so it gives you an idea of what is possible, with some great notes included.

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